Secrets On Set: Sunday Brunch Speaks with Dove Meir!

Sunday Brunch was a huge group effort and we were so lucky to have such talented cast and crew members to work on our show!  This week we speak with "Layne," actor Dove Meir, on his Sunday Brunch experience and find out what he has been up to! 

“Had a blast working with the amazing women of the series! They are an exemplary group of the female leaders we need to see more of in this industry, and they’re hilarious to boot! 

They didn’t have to twist my arm too much when asking me to play a “douchebag” of an ex-boyfriend.  I never turn down an opportunity to play the jackass especially when it’s with such a talented crew!”
~Dove Meir

Dove Meir is currently filming a recurring role on USA Network’s, Dig, premiering in March.  His previous credits include a recurring role on N.C.I.S.,  Major Crimes, The Mindy Project, Chris Carter’s The After, as well as several independent films circulating film festivals. Dove was nominated for Best Actor at the Burbank International Film Festival for his lead role in the film Boots